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Here are the full results: These optimistic predictions about hiring come amidst increasingly lukewarm feelings about the future of the global and the respective country economies. Of the countries surveyed, India showed a dramatic increase in the optimism about the global economy, while most other surveyed members were either pessimistic or felt that economy wouldnt significantly improve. The results about country-level economic growth follow a similar pattern. Staffing leaders are confident in the future Another interesting finding concerning recruiting is the staffing industrys level of optimism about their sector, as well as confidence in individual company growth. Staffing leaders are the most optimistic across any industry, with a whopping 85% of leaders foreseeing a bright future and growth. It worth noting that these sentiments have slightly decreased since Q1, when 88% were of that opinion. When asked about the future of their own companies, staffing industry leaders again beat out any other industry when it comes to their level of optimism. Similarly, there was slight drop between Q1 and Q2 going from 87% to 84% of leaders believing in the growth of their company.
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Ninthdecimal Selected As An Alwayson Global 250 Winner For Second Year – Yahoo Finance

NinthDecimal uniquely delivers these opportunities by building the most comprehensive understanding of people by connecting their digital and physical lives. Over the last few years, NinthDecimal’s business has evolved to become the leading mobile audience intelligence platform. By leveraging its proprietary technology and robust data from over one billion devices, NinthDecimal provides the audience scale to significantly move the needle for clients in mobile and across digital. NinthDecimal has been an innovator in the evolving mobile advertising market since 2003, and continues to develop game-changing offerings like its Location Conversion Index , the mobile industry’s most accurate ROI metric attributing store visits to mobile ad campaigns, its partnership with Datalogix and its recent partnership with TubeMogul offering the industry the first targeted mobile video solution. “NinthDecimal continues to evolve the mobile ecosystem with our audience intelligence and forward thinking solutions, and we are honored to be recognized again by AlwaysOn,” said NinthDecimal President David Staas.
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Want To Know How To Better Manage Time? Read This

Many people are motivated to finish all their daily tasks, but even with that motivation, they still aren’t able to accomplish their goals. If you’re someone who wants to manage time better, this is the right place for you. The following tips are all about time management.

If you’re always running late or behind, try being more aware of deadlines. When you know that a deadline is looming, your other tasks are going to take a back seat and everything suffers. But, if you keep on top of deadlines, you will never be forced to choose one priority over another.
Do not waste your time during the day. Figure out just how much time it’ll take you to do each task. This aids you in using your time wisely, providing you with a better quality of life. If any surprise pockets of free time wind up in your lap, use them to chill out or make up ground on anything you’ve fallen behind on.

Leave a little wiggle room in your daily schedule so that you will be able to handle emergencies. When you leave no time between your appointments, you’ll end up being late. Understanding that these interruptions will take place will make things easier.

If you feel that you are always running out of time, look at your problems with fresh eyes. Look at the ways you tackle problems and tasks. If you are unable to maintain focus on your task until completion, find out the reason why. Determine what your current work method does for you so that you can add those good components to a new and improved work method.

Learn how to say no. If you do not, you will face many stressful situations. Check your schedule and go from there. Can you get help from anyone else? Turn to your loved ones for help.

Never be concerned about closing the office door in order to be more effective at work. You can avoid interruptions this way. Simply shutting the door provides you with a bit of privacy. People will know that you need time alone, and you can complete tasks more quickly.

Take a good look at your daily schedule. Are there nonessential tasks on it that you can get rid of? Can you free up any time in your schedule? Delegation is a very useful time-management skill you should learn. When you delegate to others, let the other person finish the task without your help.

To make life more enjoyable, it’s important to not let yourself become distracted when you need to get things done. Try to avoid distractions when you’re completing a task. Sometimes others interfere with your workflow by giving you things to do while you are engaged in another task. Do not allow them to do this. Get one job done at a time.

As you can tell, anyone can become experts with time management. You have to find what works and do it. Use what you learned here and continue to learn good management tips.

Become A Better Leader Tomorrow By Using These Tips Today!

History glamorizes great leaders largely due to the power they have over others. To have a true understanding of what it takes to become a leader, learning is necessary. Continue reading to get an idea of what it takes to be a terrific leader.
Good leaders bring out lots of creativity in their employees. Taking risks and being creative can provide you with great success. Explore all the different possibilities and give curiosity a shot. Welcome new ideas, even if they aren’t best right at this moment. This allows you to incorporate others’ ideas into the overall plan.

Remember your morals when you are leading. Make sure you will be able to live with your decisions. Don’t make a decision that will leave you upset or guilty. Others may make a different choice, but that is okay; do what makes you happy.

Stay transparent. In the past, it was common to keep problems under wraps, but modern leaders know not to do this. Why? The world has become quite communicative. The situation will be exposed no matter how much you try to hide it. You should control whatever the message is instead of always being forced to react. This is the attitude shared by effective leaders.

Try to provide incentives for doing good work. These are salaried employees quite often, but incentives can make a major impact on productivity. When an employee makes an extra effort, let them know you notice and encourage them with a reward. Top leaders know that this can be quite effective.

While you should always set high goals for your team to reach, make sure that the ones you set are not impossible. An impossible goal is asking for failure. This will only serve to show that leadership is not your strong point.

Avoiding becoming obsessed with winning. In today’s technological world, most things can be broken down into numbers on paper. Lots of managers tend to think this way as a means to measure their workers’ effectiveness. As you’re doing this, however, be sure you’re focused on an overall culture of team success. Do you know what it takes?

Use your role as leader to build a group of loyal people who are strong and can work together well. Always be available to address the concerns of your team and give they honest answers. This allows them to manage their daily tasks without micromanagement.

Effective and clear communication with employees is an important skill of every leader. Make certain to give subordinates all the information they need to perform key tasks successfully. Periodic checks are all that should be necessary to keep the project on track.

Communication is important in any team. Ensure that they are on the right track at all times. If you fail to give them necessary information, the team cannot succeed. Not communicating well also makes you appear aloof and incompetent.

Nobody can deny the amount of praise that someone receives when they prove to be a great leader. That’s why many people wish to have the qualities and traits that help them become great leaders like those before them. This article has given you the base of knowledge you need to succeed.

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